David Scott Clegg

“Darkness is merely Light...

awaiting its moment.”

David Scott Clegg, author of the award-winning novel The Longest Distance, continues to inspire, provide greater insight to our true selves through his timely messages, capturing the myriad relationships that serve as both mirror and window for the awakening consciousness.

Author | Contributor | Thought Leader

David Scott Clegg’s media presence and upcoming novel series carry the hope of casting new light upon current times. With greater tales remaining for humanity in its entirety through the remembrance of our purpose, our truth, upon our journey unto modernity. And with it, transcendency.

David may be recognized in the world for his contributions as an educator, life scholar, thought leader and practitioner. He remains forever humbled by the many lessons – the gifts – the world has bestowed upon him as his teacher.


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"Until time is no longer... and we long no more."

About The Author

David Scott Clegg was born in the United States, raised in the world. He has lived in Europe, Middle and East/Southeast Asia, South and Central America, and remains deeply connected to the passion that is Paris, the power that finds its new home in Asia, and the consciousness to cooperate/ innovate that has its genesis in his early years as an American — inspired within and throughout.

David has spent most of his career in the field of education, his life in the field of service. He is known for his contributions as an accomplished entrepreneur, deep thinker. He has played both visionary leader and humble student, with each measure of the world his teacher. David’s work in education and support of the life sciences has provided hope for a more advanced, equitable and sustainable means to greater health, wealth and happiness by all measures most meaningful for those he has been privileged in knowing.

The central theme of his scholarship as well as his contributions as a novelist and international media commentator lies in the delicate but essential role of relationships. David’s life travels have provided a unique lens, multicultural perspective on relationships of a human nature. His discovery of the inner worlds through meditation and continued study of varied teachings have offered a glimpse into the power of the possible that resides within each, for the benefit of all. It is this he seeks to help decode, unveil through transcendent thought, writing.

With a poetic note and portal view to the inner and outer worlds available to us all, David invites us to explore relationships of a higher nature, with a particular emphasis on the Masters and their timely messages. His novel The Longest Distance has been called “a meditation from the head to the heart; an awakening to what lies within.” It serves as a pathway to the eternal that is ours in the reclamation.

David Scott Clegg may be recognized in the world for his contributions as a business and thought leader, life scholar and practitioner. Yet, he remains humbled by the many lessons—the gifts—the world has bestowed upon him as his teacher.

At your service now as an author…

“Until time is no longer. And we long no more.”


Crystallizations… Holding. Prisms… Unfolding. Worlds within worlds, realms upon realms… Reflections, refractions… Distractions from, attractions toward… Light. Love. The Light of a new day. The Love in a new way… Older still. Is it our destiny to know the nature of our being? Or merely to be, naturally so? So much time, so much distance… Between the seeking of self and the realization… That all we ever sought… All we were ever destined to know… Is here… Now. Awaiting merely the awakening… To the essence of our beingness. The blessing… Of Living... Loving.


Calm is the day when the sea of possibility meets with its destiny… And us with our destination. Wave upon wave of lifetimes merging into a singular moment of now… Strung together in perfection… The only perfection to be known within the imperfect world, form. Wave upon wave, each with ambition for greater ascension… Attuned to the frequency of a note, sound sourced from above, beyond… Cast upon the shore of certainty with our divinity. It is our destiny to visit, re-visit… As Travelers of the Ages… Until we know it… And live it… As One.


Use me... As the Source of me. Steer me... As the vessel I know to be. Guide me... To the Home within me. For I am a Traveler of the ages... And You are my destiny.


Floating… Upon a sea of tranquility. I am… But a reflection of my true identity. Defined… By nothing more or less than Me. Known… As Love for mere eternity.


Kissed… By the current all consuming… The One that stirs within. Moved… To deeper waters… By the celestial Sound of You… Illumined… As a distant form transformed… Reflecting back what is. I am but a simple vessel colored by my character… Moored by my own choosing… Until such time as I awaken… To the knowing in its unveiling. Of a greater Loving, being… One that is… Until such time as time is no longer. This is my story… Amore or less.


I have taken notice of that… Taking notice of me. Light upon each breath, each movement… Steps as audible as they are visible. Is it possible the only sound worth hearing… Is the One found within the silence? The Sound that guides us… to Us. The Sound that knows us… as Us. My Friends, Seek solace within… And know the Current… As the present. The Sound within the Silence… The symphony of all eternity.